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Macrame Home Decor Products in Dubai & Their Costs

Dream Catcher (Avg. Cost AED 89)

macrame dream catcher in Dubai

Why dream catchers?

If you are looking to elevate the positivity of your room or house, dream catchers are for you. Macrame dreamcatchers are handcrafted with intricate knots. And these bohemian treasures not only add a touch of artistry to your decor but also bring positive energy and peaceful vibes.

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Wall Hangings (Avg. Cost)

macrame home decor

With a timeless aesthetic, macrame wall hanging pieces effortlessly bridge modern and traditional styles, transforming your space into a haven of texture and charm. Bring nature-inspired elegance into your home, create a focal point, and let the craftsmanship of macrame weave a story on your walls.

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Hamsa Wall Decor (Avg. Cost: AED 129)

macrame hamsa home decor in dubai

Why Hamsa for your home decor?

Hamsa is an ancient symbol revered across cultures that reflects protection, luck, and positive energy. Elevate your style and embrace the spiritual journey with the unique Hamsa wall decor collection.

At our macrame store in Dubai, we celebrate the timeless allure and spiritual essence of the Hamsa, offering an exquisite collection of handcrafted home decor, and accessories. Each piece of Hamsa home decor at is meticulously designed to infuse your life with Hamsa’s powerful symbolism, providing a constant source of inspiration and safeguarding against negative energies.

How much does a Hamsa wall hanging cost in Dubai?
At our store, we are offering a hamsa wall hanging for just AED 129.

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Outdoor Macrame Umbrella (Avg. Cost: AED 1899)

macrame umbrella

The outdoor macrame umbrella is yet another timeless piece of art that you should consider if you want to enhance your outdoor space. There are many benefits to buying a macrame umbrella. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  • Artistic look: Macrame umbrellas are often handmade. They showcase the skill and craftsmanship of the artisan. So, if you are among those who want to support traditional craftsmanship, a macrame umbrella is for you.
  • Aesthetic: The touch of bohemian style for outdoor spaces makes them visually appealing. Whether you want to decorate your garden, patio, or poolside areas, buy a macrame umbrella.
  • Versatility: The macrame umbrellas are suitable for various settings, including gardens, beaches, or outdoor events.

Macrame umbrella cost in Dubai
You can find different costs from different stores that sell macrame umbrellas in Dubai. At we are selling macrame umbrellas for just AED 1899.

Crochet Bags (Average Cost: AED 199)


Do you need a stylish, elegant, handmade bag? Buy crochet bags. Bring crochet design to your fashion! We are selling beautiful natural handbags that are made of handwoven and pandanus.

Please kindly note that these bags are all handmade and hand-done.

How much does a crochet bag cost in Dubai?
At our store, we are offering a Bronte Crochet With Leather-white Bag for just AED 199. Buy Now!

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