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Using a Macrame Home Decor is one of the best ways to decorate your house and make it look exquisite. Since these decors are made tenderly with love, the affection will spread over your house’s environment. In this blog, you are going to read the top best ways how to decorate your house with our macrame house decor products, so buckle up.

Macrame Coasters

The first method is to use the Macrame Coasters that are found under the ‘Macrame Home Decor’ section. These coasters are made in an alluring way and used for putting on tables when you’re eating or drinking. The beauty of the coasters can’t be defined in any way. These coasters are made from handwoven rattan with cowrie shells. The best part is that they’re environment friendly. Fear not when you’ve got these coasters around. Now what’s their magic? They can add a tropical touch to any room with ease. You would be able to easily picture yourself in a toasty hut when you’ve got these macrame coasters around you. There are also many designs you can choose from. We’ve got ‘Coaster Tropical Rattan Black‘ and ‘Coaster Tropical Rattan Natural‘ and two more, but it’s best if you find those two out yourself.

rattan coaster

Woah, where in the world are you going? Have you clicked those links yet? You better! You will not imagine the beauty they’ll add to your house!

But that’s not it. We’ve got more ways! You thought you were done so easily? Anyway, we have more macrame products from the ‘Macrame Home Decor’ section.

Macrame Cushions

Now that you know about the lovely coasters (which you should consider putting in your Wishlist), we’re going to shift our scrutiny to the macrame cushions. Not only are they soft, but they’re also super adorable. You can easily decorate your living room by spreading these cushions all over, creating a magical effect on your living room. They’re also super comfortable, so you can easily use one in your short naps. Each cushion has its unique design, for example: the Black Coco Tree has a beautiful design of a palm tree. It adds the perfect touch to a tropical environment.

black eye of protection cushions

Each cushion has an elusive zipper, so people won’t have to see them. Here’s another design, Black Eye Of Protection which comes in 55 x 55 CM. Buy one now! They’re awesome and will give the perfect magical sprinkle that will enhance your living room.

Kenya Nackpiece Tribal

Time for our final product in the ‘Macrame Home Decor’ section, we’ve got the Kenya Neckpiece Tribal! They’re the most tropical neckpiece you’ll ever find- and they’re made from a natural cotton macrame black base. They are perfect for your styling home decoration. Look at how beautiful it looks- you can decorate them anywhere! Their magic is enchanted and special and they can easily enhance your room. Make sure to buy one or gift one. Not sure where to find them?  Click Here! Click on this link to find them. That’s a large size. Too big for you? No problem, we’ve also got a medium size. You can find it here. Make sure to buy it if you ever feel like your room is too bland. This will enhance and sprinkle up everything. There are way more, but why don’t you explore that yourself?

Macrame Wall Hangings

Okay, now that we’re done with the Macrame Home Decor section, it’s time for our next section: Macrame Wall Hanging. Here, you will find the most beautiful and magical wall hangings that there ever will be. The most stunning ones, you can say. There are so many you can choose from! It’s a shame I can’t show them all, but you can find out some yourself at the end. Our first product is going to be the wall-hanging Camillas. They’re really lovely and to some people, it reminds them of heaven! We’ve got two types: The natural one and the white one. They both look lovely and magical. They both can give you the fantasy and peaceful environment around you.

macrame wall hangings

You’ll feel like you’re in a peaceful magical land with fairies and all that sort of stuff. I highly suggest hanging these down in your bedroom or living room, but it is your choice. They can be put anywhere. They’re handmade with love using wooden beads and hanging tassels on the bottom. Where to find them? Well, if you’re looking specifically for the white wall hangings, you can press this link. And if you’re searching for the natural one, you can find it here -I’m pretty sure you all are captivated by its alluring details. Want to know what makes them so attractive? Love. You’ll feel the positive vibration energy spreading all over you- you’ll feel like you’re in heaven. Trust me. They’re worth the price!

Our next product is ‘Wall Decor Hamsa’ which again is found in the Macrame Wall Hanging section. The product is just nothing but beautiful. As you can see- it’s made creatively with lots of details added in. Like, a lot of details. They’re the perfect touch to your bedroom, living room, or any room! This is like the missing piece of each house. Get this macrame wall hanging here.

Get it NOW! If you’ve already got it, use it as a gift and buy it again. This is probably one of my favorite products from the Macrame Wall Hanging section, and I am sure others will adore it too. Make sure to check it out.

Our last product is the ‘Harper Wall Decor’ which reminds me of a flower. If you look at it closely, it looks like a flower with quite a lot of petals. This is the perfect magical touch to each room- because you can probably tell, this contains a lot of magic! It’s like it’s a house decoration full of magic sparkles inside it- and it just contains a different and special positive vibration. Lovely, isn’t it? You can find Harper wall decor here.

Macrame Umbrella

macrame umbrella

Now that we’re done with our journey of the Macrame Wall Hanging section, it’s time to dive into the ocean of Macrame Umbrellas! You can decorate it by putting it in your backyard or front yard. It’ll be really useful, especially if it’s summertime! Sure, it may look a bit expensive but it’s worth the price! It’s a lot better in reality than you think it is. It’s the missing piece of each summer holiday. You can find the best macrame umbrella here:  You will be quite surprised to find out that it’ll enhance your garden beautifully. It is made using single teak wood and macrame yarn.
Oh gosh, don’t just sit there! Save the link or at least bookmark it somewhere! Don’t want it? Send it to somebody else! Maybe they might find it alluring. But it’ll be impossible for you to not want it- so do think twice.

Macrame Dream Catchers

Our journey ends with our last section: Handmade Dream Catchers. They’re one of my favorites! If you have read our previous blog about Dream catchers, you will know quite a lot of information about them and their unique history. To brief it up, they’re what North Americans believe will remove evil spirits and bad dreams (like nightmares) from your life, especially the younger ones if you hang the Dream Catcher over your/their bed. Anyway, each Dream catcher has its unique design. I love their ‘Dream Catcher Luna’ one! (Comes in large and medium) It’s stunning! You can find the large-size Luna dream catcher here –  and the medium-size Luna dream catcher here.

dream catchers

Then we’ve also got the Dream Catcher Nova design! The design reminds me of an angel. It comes in a small size only. You can find the Nova design dream catcher here – / You should buy it. The best way to use it is to gift it to someone younger than you. You never know what a person is personally going through. From the outside, it looks like a hard coconut but from the inside, it’s tender. Gifting it can enhance their day and make it magical, but you should also use it for yourself. Here’s another design (Orion dream catcher) that is quite similar to the Dream Catcher Nova –

But I suggest you read our blog called ‘Magic of Dream Catchers and How They Can Change Your Life’ so you have more details and information about Dream Catchers and how their magic usually works.

Anyway, those were my best ways to decorate your house with macrame house decor from Macrame Love! Are you new here? Welcome! You will find all sorts of unique and lovely magical designs here that are made from pure love. Thank you for reading this blog, and I hope you take consideration on buying the Macrame House Decor because they are simply breathtaking. It is what every house desires to make it complete.

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