macrame gift ideas in Dubai

8 Best Macrame Gifts for the Occasion of a Housewarming

Macrame is a great and very versatile art that enables one to create many different items for home decor. It is also among the most affordable hobbies; thus, it is a good present for those who want to give a thoughtful but also economical housewarming gift.

macrame gift ideas in Dubai

Macrame dream catchers

macrame dream catchers

Dream catchers are alleged to keep away nightmares from sleepers. They are also widely used as home decorations and are also an ideal gift for those who love the boho style.


Dream catchers can be very small and fragile or can be big and extremely bold. Choose a size that will suit the house and the liking of the recipient.


Macrame dream catchers are available in many different styles, from the classic and traditional to the contemporary and even the bohemian. Choose a style that you think the recipient will like.


Different colours of dream catchers can be made. Choose a colour that fits the interior of the recipient’s home or one that holds a special meaning for them.

Macrame wall hangings

macrame wall hangings

Macrame wall hangings are an excellent way to introduce both texture and interest into any space. They are offered in all shapes and forms, and you can find the right one for the taste of any receiver.


Are they more inclined towards the bohemian vibes, minimalist aesthetics, or something else altogether? By choosing a theme for the wall hanging that matches their current decor, they have an environment that is very harmonious and also easy on the eyes.

Colour palette

Focus on their choice of the colour scheme or the room where the hanging wall will be placed. Choose neutral tones for more versatility or vivid colours for a statement.

Pattern and texture

The pattern and texture contribute greatly to the mood of the wall hanging, ranging from a mathematical complexity to gentle, organic curves. Select one that fits their taste and matches the texture of the room.

Size and placement

Make sure that the size of the wall hanging is very appropriate for the area where it will be placed. Is it going to be a focal point or a mild accent? Balanced placement will be based on the wall dimensions and the surrounding furniture.

Macrame home décor

macrame home decor

Macrame is an excellent method of creating various types of home décor such as hanger plants, pot holders, and also table runners. All of these are great and cool gifts that the receiver will love.

Plant hangers:

Provide the receiver with the opportunity to showcase their greenery in elegance with a beautiful macrame plant hanger. They come in various sizes and shapes that are perfectly adapted to plants of different sizes and also preferences as well. Select between the traditional white for a touch of class or the bright colours for some more personality.

Macrame table runner

The macrame home décor lies in the fact that it is entirely handmade. It is also possible to empower the local artisans or independent sellers to make the gift even more unique, and special Bohemian-inspired macrame cushion covers add a Bohemian flair to any living room or bedroom. They are also very comfortable and soft, and the recipient will appreciate them.


The Hamsa hand, also known as the Hand of Fatima, is a very powerful symbol of protection against evil and bad luck. It is also believed to be associated with the good luck, good health, and the good fortune of the owner. This makes it a very unique present for a person settling into a new home as it symbolizes a fresh start with good vibes.


Different sizes, styles and colours are also available for the macrame hamsa hand wall hangings. Whether it be bohemian, minimalist, or somewhere in the middle, you will be able to find the one that matches the receiver’s taste as well as the decor of the house.

Wall decor hamsa

macrame hamsa in Dubai

The Hamsa hand represents both protection and good luck. For anyone who wants to bring some positive energy into the home, a hamsa hand symbol macrame wall hanging would make a perfect gift.

  • Consider the taste of the recipient and the interior design style.
  • Choose a size that will fit in the space where it will be placed.
  • Natural materials like cotton or jute will give you a more retro feel, or you can even try some synthetic fabric materials if you want your design to be modern.
  • Look for the complicated details and also the interesting designs that provide a lot of visual appeal.
  • If you are not certain, you can choose a neutral colour scheme that would complement most of the interiors.

Wall hanging Camilla

The Camilla wall hanging is a very intricate and beautiful macrame masterpiece. It will surely be a great showstopper in any home.

Exquisite craftsmanship

This macrame wall hanging is an indication of the great skill and also creativity of the one who made it. The details are incredibly fascinating, from the intricate knots to the very complicated patterns.

Unique design

The Camilla wall hanging is exceptionally very unique in its design and can not be found anywhere else. Its distinctive style adds a lot of touch of individuality and also customization to any atmosphere.

Macrame plant stand

Macrame plant stands provide a very beautiful and also convenient method of displaying the plants. They also make very good presents that the recipient will appreciate a lot.

Stylish plant display

Make the recipient’s houseplant collection seem much much more sophisticated by staging their greenery in an artistic and chic way. A variety of macrame plant stands can be found, from simple single-tier to elaborate multi-tiered ones to fit the different plant sizes and also preferences.

Space-saving solution

The limited floor space should be used with the macrame stands to hang the plants. This is particularly very handy for small apartments or those with pets that may feed on the plants.

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