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Transforming Your Bathroom with Macrame and Boho Elements

The bathroom is one of the most underrated rooms in the bathroom; this could be because not everyone visits this room leaving only the house occupants with this privilege. However, we forget that this is one of the significant rooms in the entire house. It is where a person goes to unwind after a hectic day! Hence, it should be a haven of relaxation where one wants to chill out after a long day.

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To create an oasis that is unique to you, the bohemian theme offers the solution as it dishes out eccentric and earthly vibes that can match the aspect of relaxation. Regardless of the space, the following boho ideas are a sure guarantee of ways to transform your bathroom space to one that is captivating and where your creativity can be showcased.

Here are some brilliant ideas on how to bring bohemian magic to your bathroom design by incorporating macrame wall hangings, mirror frames, storage baskets, wall shelves, and wall-hanging tissue holders.

Macramé Wall Hangings

Natural elements are easy and can incorporate your creative element into the vibe while bringing out the tranquillity of the space. It is advisable to have a mix of things in the space if the bathroom is large or stick to minimalistic options for a small space. However, what many bohemian enthusiasts agree on, is the use of natural wood colors with a touch of creativity. A splash of colour is not bad as it can also add to the natural element. With this in mind, wall hanging can vary into different forms such as;

  • Intricate hand-woven pieces such as rugs come in many shapes, sizes, and textures. They can also be used to showcase one’s travels through hanging fragments from different cultures. It is advisable to use natural colors when it comes to woven pieces.
  • Hanging macrame planters: The boho theme is all about mixing and matching natural elements. The use of planters for the wall hanging can incorporate dried flower arrangements, which can be both stylish and stress-free for those who do not have the time to water live plants. Additionally, they help in creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Mirror Frames

A mirror in the bathroom serves multiple purposes; it is functional, it adds to the style of the place, and it can be used as an artistic piece. To exemplify the boho theme, the mirror does not need to be either a square or a traditional one-piece.

  • An arched mirror: Incorporate an arched mirror frame, which uses a wooden or rattan design to create a unique piece that stands out when one enters the bathroom. The mirror can be the centerpiece of the space; it all depends on how intricate the design is.
  • Vintage mirrors: Vintage mirrors can be found in one’s travels or in flea markets. Regardless of where one gets them, all that matters is how one can intricate them in the bathroom space to gain a unique yet natural theme, which is bohemian.
  • Modern boho mirrors: Finding vintage mirrors can be challenging but that should not stop one, the macrame theme can be attained through the use of ornate frames or distressed finishes.

Storage Baskets

  • The rattan or wicker storage basket: The use of rattan speaks boho in any space. The baskets act as functional pieces whereby they can be used to store towels, toiletries, and laundry hampers. The combination of different styles in weaving can add to the creative essence of the space.

Wall Shelf’s

Shelf can be functional while at the same time bringing out the boho theme to the bathroom. The use of brown tones is encouraged and the combination of light tones on unique pieces can also work to bring out the wow factor!

  • Wood shelves: The brown aspect of wood brings out the natural element of a space. The shelves can be a combination of pieces from different destinations such as flea markets or different travels. Additionally, a modern tone can be achieved through using metallic knobs for the handles.
  • Decorative ladders: Shelves are not only restricted to furniture pieces. The use of wooden ladders where candles, toiletries, or art accessories can be placed adds to the creative aspect of the owner. They can also act as well as act as ornamental pieces to the bathroom. The beauty of these pieces is that they are durable, their outlook can be changed with a splash of color, and they can be customized to fit one’s taste.

Tissue Holders

Tissue holders do not have to be the common metallic or plastic holders you find everywhere. The use of hanging tissue holders or tissue boxes that incorporate a natural theme is a brilliant way to add to the boho theme in the bathroom.

  • Hand-woven tissue holders: These holders can be woven with naturally colored fabric or thread depending on the one’s preference. The design can also be unique by incorporating wood into the thread or fabric to add to the boho theme.
  • Tissue box: To create a unique feel, the use of a tissue box can be used to add to the boho theme, using wicker or rattan concepts. These can be placed by the mirror or sink. They help add to the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Boho design or theme is all about embracing one’s individuality and creativity. Mixing and matching to suit one’s preferences, and taste is encouraged. Hence, from the suggested boho pieces such as the macrame wall hangings, to the mirrors and baskets, get creative and indulge your inner artistic child to create a tranquil bathroom space unique to you!

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