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The Transition to Bohemian: Overcoming Common Design Challenges

Bohemian interior design has gained popularity in modern homes as people try different macrame decorations in their living spaces. Boho interior design allows you to play around with nature and earthy creative materials for your interior decorations. As a result, the décor choices you make, such as macramwall hangings, dreamcatchers, throw pillows, and plant holders, create a more free-spirited environment than modern-day interior design themes.

Macramé home décor, especially the boho design, allows you to tap into your imagination, artistry, creativity, and personal style to design a relaxing and welcoming living space. However, as with any other interior decoration, some common design challenges may arise when transitioning to bohemian. Here are the common design challenges to overcome with boho interior design.

Challenge #1: Using Layers to Avoid Clutter

Boho interior design indeed incorporates macramé home décor, which is busier than other types of interior designs that are more minimalist in decorations. Nevertheless, you need to plan and set goals for your bohemian interior design decorations to achieve success.

One common challenge when incorporating a boho interior design is the correct use of layers in your living space. Ignoring layers is a décor mistake for macramé home décor. If you want to get it right with a bohemian interior design, incorporate layering that creates a warm, exciting environment with a base color scheme. Consider how all of the layers flow and complement each other, including the wall color, macramé wall hangings, indoor plants, types of furniture, accessories, and pieces of art.

Avoid selecting the macramé decorations randomly or without considering how they complement each other to avoid having a disorderly and cluttered space.

Challenge #2: Going Overboard

You may think that since it is a boho interior design, you can go overboard with the macramé decorations, right? Wrong! Even though a macramé home décor utilizes more elements, do not go overboard. Think of a less is more approach when decorating. Too many items may make your space cluttered, drawing attention away from beautiful pieces.

Bohemian interior decorations provide opportunities to play with colors while maintaining an exciting theme. Nevertheless, avoid using too many colors that may cause distractions and lose focus on your space’s central theme and décor. Know when it is enough or too much when selecting pieces. For example, do not go overboard with your macramé wall hangings.

Challenge #3: Striking a Balance

Apart from knowing when it’s too much or enough, another common challenge with boho interior design is striking a balance with the décor in your living space. Some people tend to play it too safe, while others go overboard. Remember, achieving a beautiful and welcoming bohemian style requires you to strike a balance between layered colors, textures, shapes, and pieces in your space.

The goal is to achieve a creative and eccentric room. It should display your unique style and creativity. Including your artistry in the macramé décor using different colors, materials, plants, and other accessories will create a warm and welcoming boho-themed design.

So, make sure your selections are geared towards striking a balance between your decorations for an evenly balanced bohemian interior design theme.

Challenge #4: Color Assumption

The bohemian interior design is based on neutral colors incorporated in the decoration pieces, such as cream-white, beige, or off-white, which are the primary base colors. The challenge is assuming you can use these colors excessively when selecting your macramé decorations. The result is usually a bland-looking living space.

Any designer will tell you that the boho style does not solely revolve around these base colors. Yes, there is a need to emphasize the earthy tones with macramé decorations. However, add your unique touch and liveliness by using bright colors. Play around with colors that complement the neutral colors. Do not be afraid to include bright orange macramé themed through pillows or jungle green plant holders.

Despite the decorations selected, the goal is to establish a vibrant bohemian-themed living space.

Challenge #5: Incorporating Vibrant Textures

While applying neutral colors for macramé pieces to maintain a base color, do not use neutral textures in a boho interior design. A common misconception and challenge in bohemian interior design is ignoring the textures of your selected macramé decorations as elements or essential parts of the design. Disregarding textures makes it challenging to experiment and incorporate variations in the design.

Texture is a crucial factor in the boho interior design! The fabrics and textiles you use for the macramé wall hangings, throw pillows, table clothes, or macramé rugs are significant in bringing out the boho style in your space.

Now you know the common challenges to look out for and overcome when transitioning to bohemian interior design for your home. Remember! Use layering to avoid clutter, do not go overboard with your decorations, ensure you strike a balance, play with different colors, and do not ignore textures. Establish a balanced boho-themed environment that brings out your style and creativity.

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