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The Macrame Revival: Bringing 70s Boho Back into Your Home

Are you always enthused by the macrame art that brings a touch of the 70s into living spaces?

Well, clear your mind and let us explore how you can use macrame products to incorporate a bohemian feel into your humble aboard. Once widespread in the 70s, macrame has found a second revival with the widespread popularity of boho décor and artistry.

Macrame accessories

Macrame woven art is widely used due to its distinctive beauty and versatility, adding an arty boho ambiance to homes. Its resurgence in current trends lies in its beautiful art form involving intricate knotting techniques and unique handcrafted patterns that add style and character to any space.

The revival of macrame in your home serves as a symbol of history and contemporary design. Modern-day artists and designers are introducing new and innovative ways to use macramé to produce unique and eye-catching pieces.

How did Macrame Come to be

Before we dive into the eye-catching macrame products, it is crucial to understand the history of this craft. The origins of macrame can be traced back to the Assyrian and Babylonian civilizations.

Nevertheless, its history is recorded from the 13th century, when the Arabic decorative weavers used knots to hold the ends of woven hand-made fabrics, turning them into decorative fringes.

Macrame gained more popularity in the 70s and became the representation of the Bohemian lifestyle. As an art, macrame was used in homes for floor mats, plant hangers, accessories, clothing, tablecloths, bedspreads, and floor mats. Despite its long history, its adaptability to modern styles has ensured its application in present-day home décor.

Must-Have Macrame Products

Now, let’s explore the beautiful macrame products you must have for that boho chic vibe in your homes.

The most common are the macrame wall hangings, which, as the name suggests, are hung on walls, adding texture, warmth, and style to a living space. You can include different geometric patterns, colorful cords, and mixed materials like wood and metal. Whatever the case, the hangings create a free-spirited, striking design.

Next are macrame plant hangers, perfect for elevating plants that spruce up the room, giving it a greenery setting. The macrame dreamcatchers bring a mystical aspect to macrame products. They are said to trap negative dreams at night and release them during the day. Shaped like a circle, they represent the circle of life and can be made of different colors, sizes, styles, and materials adorned with seashells, rocks, or flowers. Let’s not forget the macrame umbrellas designed with a trendy bohemian style of cotton rope and teak timber. Perfect for decorative purposes indoors and providing shade outdoors.

Connecting Boho Style with Macrame Décor

Now that you know the different macrame products, let me show you the connection between boho style and macrame décor. Bohemian interior decoration is a free-spirited style of art involving a combination of different cultures and artistic expressions into a unique style emphasizing organic features and nature.

Creating your boho-style living space requires mixing patterns and using metals, wood, textures, colors, animal materials, and arty collections. Macrame connects to the boho style because its versatile designs use different colors, textures, styles, and designs to create a vibrant, earthy, organic environment.

So, if you are looking for a macrame and boho-style background, do not be afraid to mix up colors; use different textures and designs to have a touch of the 70s in your home.

Introducing Macrame into Your Home

Now that you know the different types of macrame products, here is how you can introduce the macrame style into your home to create a cozy and exciting décor. First, go for a creative look that entails using different macrame products, such as wall hangings, floor mats, and cushions. These pieces can be monochromatic or with vibrant colors that make your living space lively.

The goal is to have fun and experiment as you seek to get it right with the boho macrame style. There is a wide variety of macrame pieces that can be incorporated into your home. Let your creativity run wild!

Maintenance and Care of Macrame Décor

Now that you have your macrame pieces in the house, how do you clean and care to ensure longevity? Well, you must consider the type of materials and items used for each macrame piece. The best cleaning process for all macrame pieces is to gently shake or often use a soft-bristled brush to dislodge accumulated dirt and dust and to neaten fringes.

Stains like coffee, food, juice, or wine require a more detailed spot cleaning using mild soap and cold running water. Machine washing is not recommended since macrame products contain items such as feathers, stones, metals, wood, beads, and other materials.

Make sure to store your macrame pieces in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight to prevent damage to the texture and color fading.

Revive the Macrame Décor

There it is! The information you need to relive the 70s boho style through the macrame revival in your living space. You do not need to be an expert to explore the unique products that will allow you to personalize your home and share the timeless and charming art of macrame décor with family and friends.

As you embrace the macrame décor, let your artistry and innovation flow to create an exciting and welcoming space.

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