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Some Boho Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Bohemian decor ideas are stylish and artistic, contrary to what many think, they do not require a lot of physical space to showcase. The combination of different natural materials and elements in a space can make it look lively and not cluttered as some might fear! As most, assume that “less is more,” which is true, rather I would advocate for having a balancing act. Here is where creativity, functionality, and having that boho theme come into play.

It is advisable to first start with a mix of natural textures; this could be a combination of whites for the wall colour. The idea is to create a canvas where you can blend in your beautiful interior pieces to the small without having to make it look crowded. With this said, here are some boho and macrame pieces and ideas to incorporate with your small space creating a cosy, unique, and aesthetic theme.

Macrame Cushions

Cushions add versatility, creativity, and art to a room. Be it the living room space or the bedroom, having several throw pillows brightens up the room. However, when you have a macrame cushion pillow with intricate designs, the room gets more, it gets an aesthetic appeal with one being drawn to the intricate patterns on the pillows. One can also add to their personal touch on the throw pillows by using pieces of one’s collection or travels, or better still if one is able they can make their pieces. To add further to the boho theme, one can mix the pattern design, by getting cushions with tassels, or have a mix of neutral colours for every pillow.

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Since the objective is to style a small space and not overdo it, as this will make the room look cluttered, it would be best to invest in cushion covers. This will allow one to change the outlook of the space as desired.

Macrame Dream Catchers

Commonly believed to be used to protect sleepers from having bad dreams. The use of dream catchers has evolved with homeowners using it to add style and character to their space.

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For a small space, the macrame dream catcher can use neutral colours such as white or grey thread or a combination of colours. This not only adds a hip and modern style, but colour to the space. The dream catcher can be placed on the wall above the fireplace or the bed as a decorative piece.

Boho Furniture

Mismatching boho furniture is an idea that can work well when it comes to furnishing a small space without overpowering the room. One can have a patterned rug, a mixture of furnishing such as a pair of antlers by the fireplace or wall.

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Additionally, the use of a rattan chair or vintage chairs beside a wooden centrepiece coffee table will work well to create a boho theme in the living room space. This in combination with wide widows adding light to the room will make a seemingly small space appear larger and inviting. Some other boho furniture that can be used in a small space are:

  • Bohemian Dining Table: When it comes to a small space, one has to think about square or circular furniture pieces. Modern ideas have numerous designs of furniture for small spaces, such as folding tables or multifunctional pieces that have a combination of shapes. For the folding table, the design can be adjusted to fit the number of guests one has at the table or make considerations to close proximity between guests. To create a bohemian theme, the use of a wooden frame can be used with a curved or an intricate design being incorporated for the stands or frame. Additionally, one can have a circular table with extended leaves on the side. This design is unique compared to the contemporary circular style. Furthermore, the texture of the table can also be adjusted to add to the aesthetic appeal in the space.
  • Bohemian Stool: Boho stools come in different designs and shapes, though the most common ones are round. The round design can work perfectly for a small space since they do not take up a large area compared to the square ones. To add character to the room one can pick one that is rattan-designed or with a woven or textured fabric of macrame design. They can also be functional as art pieces can be placed on top.
  • Bohemian Coffee Table: A coffee table is a must for every room, but it can become a challenge when it comes to a small space. Not to fret, as here are several ideas; a narrow table, which will not take up too much space, it’s functional, and chic at the same time. These can also incorporate drawers that act as storage spaces. The other idea is to have a scandi coffee table. The size and design can vary depending on one’s preference. The best thing about having a resin piece is that they are custom designed, thus, one can choose the image they want on their coffee table. They can also be used to express one’s artistic and unique side.

These ideas are reassuring that one does not need a big space or house to have fun with different bohemian-themed pieces. Having a mix of furniture pieces, a splash of colour here and there and bohemian-themed accessories such as the dream catchers create a warm and inviting feel to any room. Furthermore, small spaces encourage the use of temporary accessories or concepts such as cushion covers, which allow for a change in the outlook of a room. Thus, have fun and experiment with your small space with these concepts. Hope that they are an inspiration for more ideas.

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