boho dining table

10 Types of Common Boho Stools & Tables to Create a Bohemian Theme

You have this space, which you want to make unique. A space that yearns for creativity, nature, and cultures from around the world. This is something that can only be obtained through only one style! Then it clicks a bohemian theme! A Bohemian style or theme incorporates different blends of cultures.

boho dining table

An aspect that can’t be attained by ordinary furniture. To attain it, one needs to have an artistic approach to things. Additionally, it can vary in terms of perspective. For example, we can have a modern style, a traditional one, a Scandinavian, farmhouse, and even a mid-century style. It all depends on what a person desires.

However, one common feature is present, the use of rattan material, which brings out the natural, relaxed and earthly vibe that is the bohemian vibe.

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To attain the much-desired boho theme, we will explore several bohemian furniture styles with our focus being on bohemian tables such as coffee tables, side and end tables, rattan tables, dining tables, and decor tables. We will also feature stools and outdoor furniture

Whether you want to change the outlook of your kitchen or your living space or want to add a refreshing look to your house, boho bar or counter stools are your answer. The bar stools tend to be high while the counter stools are slightly lower. These pieces have different styles that can fit into diverse tastes, seasons, and they can be incorporated with existing furniture within your house.

  • Counter High Bar Stools: It is a multifunctional stool whereby it can be used in a bar, kitchen, counters, or a coffee shop setting. Though a boho bar stool looks simple, it is strong, and durable due to the material used and its design. Furthermore, it is comfortable as it has a comfortable backrest.
  • Persian Woven Bar Stools or Counter Stools: This stool’s best feature is its rattan, which is incorporated throughout the stool. It can be a bar or a counter stool depending on one’s objective.
  • Natural Cane Counter Stool: This stool is an embodiment of style and comfort, made from solid oak and rattan seams, which integrate the back of the stool. As the name suggests, it has a retro caning shape as its back. It is a piece of furniture that will never go old in terms of style.
  • Boho Footstool: Footstools vary in design, colour, and functionality. For example, there are leather, seagrass, or crocheted woven, rattan, wooden, and ottoman-incorporated bohemian-style stools. They also come as three or four-legged stools.
  • Feature Stools: These stools mostly act as a decorative piece and add style to your space. They can be used for artistic expression giving off a unique bono vibe to the house.
  • Coffee Tables: When it comes to expressing one’s culture and uniqueness, nothing can capture one’s imagination than the bohemian coffee table. They come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. Additionally, modern trends have seen the use of contrasting colours and textures. The coffee table acts as the centerpiece of the house and it can be used to express the boho theme for the entire house.
  • Side and End Tables: Both an end and side table serve the same purpose whereby they ensure that items are within easy reach whether if it is near the couch or the bed. The only noticeable difference is with the size. Side tables have a larger surface area and are more visible adding to the style of the room compared to the end table. The bohemian furniture theme from the end and side table can be attained through the incorporation of the rattan design or material as well as the use of pieces from different cultures.
  • Rattan Tables: As the name suggests rattan tables feature the use of woven textures mainly from rattan materials comprising of the wicker style of weaving. The designs are versatile, though the round and rectangular shapes are the most common. They can be designed as coffee, end, and side tables bringing out a natural boho theme.
  • Dining Tables: Most bohemian dining tables are wooden; however, this does not restrict creativity as upcoming designs have featured metal-incorporated dining table designs, which also bring out a unique bohemian style. The key element in bringing out an ordinary dining table to one that brings boho vibes is the incorporation of different accessories and natural components to its design. For example, the use of rattan chairs or having boho-themed table runners. The shape can also vary from square, to rectangular to circular.
  • Decor Tables: Boho décor table are tables that can be located as the centerpiece or side table. The most distinguishing feature of this table is that it showcases a boho theme through the pieces displayed on the table. It adds to the boho theme of the entire space.

Boho outdoor furniture displays attributes of the use of natural materials such as bamboo and rattan. This will range from the furniture’s to the accessories. The furniture comes in different sizes and shapes, however, comfort is the common feature. The colours are a mixture of bold and vibrant colors to bring out the boho theme. The key is to create a relaxing yet vibrant and fun vibe.

So, what’s stopping you from having that vibrant space that you can call a home, office, or business? With the different suggested furniture pieces, imagination is in your hand. Experiment and see how change can be attained with the incorporation of different bohemian furniture both inside and outdoors.

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